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Artspace Warehouse specializes in museum-quality, original, and affordable contemporary fine art.

A large selection of exceptional contemporary artists from the United States, Europe, Asia, and around the world are exhibited and for sale in our spacious Los Angeles art gallery.

New art arrives weekly. All artworks featured on our website are in stock and for sale at Artspace Warehouse.

Featured Artist

Alessandro Siviglia

Alessandro Siviglia, a prominent Italian artist born in Salerno in 1982 and currently residing in Rome, initially found his artistic voice through street art, channeling his creative passion into graffiti murals on expansive public spaces. Following a bold and audacious guerrilla approach to art for a remarkable span of 15 years, Siviglia embarked on refining his present style, seamlessly merging his street art roots with the timeless essence of traditional artistic conventions. Within the realm of his evocative figurative compositions, Siviglia skillfully accentuates the dichotomy between a painting's realm and the reality it represents, delving into multifaceted ways of perceiving and interpreting the world surrounding us. His captivating body of work artfully captures the concept of relativity, interweaving individuals, diverse lifestyles, and ephemeral creatures, seamlessly amalgamating his astute urban observations with his profound understanding of the realm of street art. With a reverential nod to the Cubist movement and an undeniable influence reminiscent of Picasso, Siviglia's masterpieces evoke a sense of profound admiration. His career has seen his artwork showcased in exhibitions throughout Italy, the United States, and Hong Kong.

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