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Martina Niederhauser

Martina Niederhauser

Martina Niederhauser paints depth, feeling, and beauty into her portraits of women. She seeks to share her works on canvas as a “diary written in colors” with communicative forms and conjunctive lines, expressing her life and her world.

Inspired by line, Niederhauser paints on highly textured patterned backgrounds composed of vintage book pages and sheet music. The collages which make up her backgrounds enhance the aged character of old paper from all over the world. Depth is first created in her backgrounds, then brought forward by varied layers of painting techniques as Niederhauser incorporates watercolor, pastel, oil, and gouache and more into her primarily acrylic portraits.

Born in 1977, Niederhauser has worked to become a full-time artist after living across three continents and working in the corporate marketing world. With many successful years of work as an artist, including working in Shanghai and in Chicago, Niederhauser is now based in Switzerland. Collected throughout the world, Niederhauser’s paintings can be found in many public, corporate and private collections.