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Amy Tai

Amy Tai

Capturing fragments of dreams, memories and emotions in her surrealist paintings, Taiwanese-American artist Amy Tai blends cultures within her soft and sensual imagery. Tai is fascinated by the intersection of waking life and the dream state through the lens of the female psyche. Often guided by the mingling of her personal memories and reveries, she paints using acrylic, gouache, and ink.

“My artwork focuses on the soft sensual moments of my daydreams, the ephemeral sentiments, and intimate memories. The bright colors contribute to the persistence of my relentless dreams. The unrestricted sense of fluidity to the dream state, one that is constantly evolving and creating, parallels the powerful fertile nature of femininity.”

As the result of exhibiting her artworks at the Manhattan Borough Arts Festival, Amy’s paintings have been showcased in group exhibitions at LIC’s Open Arts Gallery, the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center, ChaShaMa auctions, and Orange Barrel Media’s Ike kiosks across the country. Her artworks have also been exhibited internationally.