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Jonas Fisch

Jonas Fisch

Swedish artist Jonas Fisch paints with a jazz-like spontaneity, expressing personal emotions, commenting on contemporary society, and exploring old mythologies. Formulating a galaxy of the unknown, Fisch’s textural paintings flood the mind with possibility. His process is instinctive and organic, the paintings energetic and vibrant, emerging from his subconscious without judgment. They are constructed by feelings trying to find a harmony. Endless figures, messages, layers and symbols move in and out of focus as the eye explores his puzzle pieces with multiple solutions.

“As a fundamentally introspective person I have an explosive need to express and communicate my innermost rays, reflections, and shadows. The brush allows me to explore my own subconscious, to examine, confront and process my innermost feelings. I usually don't have a preconceived vision, but rather a strong idea or a general notion of what I want to create. I put a lot down, I take a lot away, until I feel there’s a harmony, energy and a flow"

Fisch has exhibited across California, in New York, Chicago, Switzerland and most recently, Hong Kong. His paintings can be found in private collections all over the globe.