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Brandon Neher

Brandon Neher

Brandon Neher was born in Burbank, CA, in 1983 and was raised in the San Gabriel valley. He was educated at Brooks Institute of Photography for 3 years. He discovered a great deal of his personal style while working and studying in Ventura, CA.

Neher has always had an eye for bold patterns and surreal abstractions. Visual landscapes of the picturesque central California coastline dominate most of the imagery found in his collage-style paintings, along with popular cartoon characters and geometric patterns.

He has completed works of art across mediums as diverse as 16mm film, watercolor, oil, sculpture, charcoal, photography, mixed media collage, and print transfers. He now lives and works in the Los Angeles area and continues to be inspired by the vibrant lives and landscapes here.

The artist says of his paintings, “While I am inspired by many other artists’ work, I am particularly drawn to German expressionist painters. I admire their ability to convey a narrative on canvas. I have always enjoyed making marks on things for as long as I can remember, which has translated into a love of imagery that captures and conveys a feeling which is fleeting, beautiful, and unique to all people. I always aim for considering my images carefully before painting them, and layering color in a way that hopefully reminds the eye of things previously seen but casts them in a new light.”