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Artspace Warehouse specializes in museum-quality, original, and affordable contemporary fine art.

A large selection of exceptional contemporary artists from the United States, Europe, Asia, and around the world are exhibited and for sale in our spacious Los Angeles art gallery.

New art arrives weekly. All artworks featured on our website are in stock and for sale at Artspace Warehouse.

Featured Artist

Elisabeth Grace

Elisabeth Grace, a visionary artist based in Denver, creates immersive experiences through large-scale paintings, collages, murals, and installation art. After earning her BA in oil painting from CU Boulder in 2014, she developed a unique style inspired by her lifelong fascination with nature. Her art aims to evoke the awe she feels when observing the natural world. Grace's creative process involves immersing herself in nature, capturing photos and emotional insights that she translates into her artwork. In 2020, she transitioned to become a full-time independent artist. Grace's work is in private collections worldwide, reflecting her dedication to honoring and sharing the beauty of the natural world.

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