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Identity With A Chance Of Imperfection

July 2, 2022 - August 5, 2022

Opening: Saturday 2nd of July 2022 4PM - 6PM

Identity With A Chance Of Imperfection: July 2, 2022 - August 5, 2022

The human body is central to how we understand facets of identity such as gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. People alter their bodies, hair, and clothing to align with or rebel against social conventions and to express messages to others around them. Many artists explore these themes through representations of the body and by using their own bodies in their creative process.

Alluring, flirtatious, vibrant, and demure the beautiful women of Sally K’s paintings emerge through crowns of fauna and playful brushstrokes Her style merges characteristics of abstract expressionism with realism and portrait painting to convey the complexity, as she describes, of the “sensuality, independence, and confidence you see in strong women.”

Erin Hammond Caswell alternates layers of pencil, charcoal, and acrylic, combining an active interest in the female body with experiments in color and shading. Hammond predominantly works directly on wood, allowing the textures to puncture her surfaces. Her artworks on canvas exhibit a softer rendering of her subjects. Her background in both film and fashion allows Hammond to use the unfinished elements of her aesthetic to explore the contemporary fascination with (im)perfection latent in those professions.

Combining her love for abstract art and the act of finding beauty in everyday life, local artist Courtney Simone creates cheerfully inspired abstract figurative artworks. Within her work, she walks the line between relatable day-to-day scenes and the fantastical. Her intuitive mark-makings and stylistic distortion of her female subjects marry the concepts of familiar comfort and discovery.

Citing Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, and Egon Schiele as influences, Hilary Bond creates bold depictions of strong women. Through these images of women, Bond explores contemporary femininity as well as the concept of the artists’ “muse” and how it relates to female identity.

Blurring the distinction between figure and ground, Swiss artist Edith Konrad’s spectral forms inhabit dark and muted abstract environments punctuated by vivid bursts of color. In combinations of acrylic on canvas, mixed media, and collage, she studies line, color, texture, and the qualities of acrylic itself. In some works, traditional mark-making and color field painting techniques are evident, while in others Konrad references the visceral immediacy of cave painting and painting on stone. Her scenes are frequently obscured by layers of paint.

Martina Niederhauser paints depth, feeling, and beauty in her portraits of women. She seeks to share her works on canvas as a “diary written in colors” with communicative forms and conjunctive lines, expressing her life and her world. Inspired by line, Niederhauser paints on highly textured patterned backgrounds composed of vintage book pages and sheet music. The collages that make up her background enhance the aged character of old paper from all over the world.

Since the opening of Artspace Warehouse in 2010, the gallery continues to be an industry leader in affordable, museum-quality artworks making collecting art accessible and budget-friendly. With one gallery in Zurich and two galleries in Los Angeles, Artspace Warehouse specializes in guilt-free international urban, pop, graffiti, figurative, and abstract art. The expansive 5,000-square-foot space offers a large selection of emerging and established artists from all over the world.

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