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Divergent Strokes: Basquiat's Legacy and the Evolution of Expression

May 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024

Known for skyrocketing to fame in 1980s New York, Basquiat's impact is enduring, reflected in record-breaking auction prices and sustained popularity. Get ready for an exhibition set to unfold in Los Angeles at Gagosian Gallery's Beverly Hills location, which aims to delve into the intricacies of Jean-Michel Basquiat's dynamic life and influence, offering a more profound insight into the artist's multifaceted legacy.

Basquiat's huge impact on the art world is not only evident in his artistic legacy but also in the remarkable figures associated with his works. His auction records speak volumes, with an astounding $110.5 million achieved at Sotheby's in 2018, closely followed by a substantial $93 million at Christie's New York in 2021—the second-highest auction result to date. Online searches for Basquiat's artwork prices position him as one of the top most-searched artists, placing him alongside luminaries such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Underscoring Basquiat's enduring popularity, the immensely popular exhibition "Basquiat: King Pleasure" premiered in New York, orchestrated by the Basquiat Estate, and was consequently shown to large crowds in Los Angeles. Notably, the artist's star continues to capture the attention of a new fan base, exemplified by the involvement of pro football player Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's partner, in financing a documentary on Basquiat.

In tandem with this excitement, let's explore the artistic journeys of two featured emerging artists at Los Angeles art gallery Artspace Warehouse: Soren Grau and Jonas Fisch. Soren Grau, a Danish artist currently residing in Los Angeles, embraces a dual artistic identity. His works span Neo-Expressionism and Suprematism, drawing inspiration from cultural icons and global events. Influenced by the likes of Jackson Pollock and Basquiat, Grau communicates personal meaning and ambiguity through figures and colors. He describes his Neo-Expressionist works as an exploration where the canvas reveals an obscured vision of the subject, adding a layer of mystery to his creations. Grau's anti-conformist stance, coupled with his graphic design background, fuels his joy in crafting open-ended expressions on canvas. Notably, his artworks adorn the collections of international companies such as Red Bull, HBO, Toyota, and FX, as well as private art enthusiasts worldwide.

Turning our attention to Jonas Fisch, a Swedish artist renowned for his jazz-like spontaneity in painting, we delve into a world of emotional expression, contemporary commentary, and exploration of old mythologies. Fisch's textured paintings unfold with a galaxy of the unknown, flooding the mind with possibilities. His instinctive and organic process, marked by energetic and vibrant compositions, results in paintings that emerge from the subconscious without judgment. Figures, messages, layers, and symbols interplay in his puzzle-like creations, offering multiple solutions as the eye explores the intricate details. Fisch's artistic journey has graced exhibitions across California, New York, Chicago, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, with his paintings finding homes in private collections around the globe.

As the art world prepares for the Basquiat exhibition, the complementary narratives of Soren Grau and Jonas Fisch add layers of creativity and diversity to the unfolding artistic landscape. Their distinctive styles, influenced by various inspirations and expressed through different mediums, contribute to the vibrant tapestry of contemporary art.

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