Soren Grau

Danish painter Soren Grau works in a style that is an amalgamation of Street Art, Neo Expressionism, and Suprematism. He cites Jackson Pollock and Clyfford Still as inspirations in both style of painting and attitude.

With both cultural icons and world events often acting as inspiration, he strives to communicate meaning through both figures and colors. Grau paints each artwork to convey both personal meaning and ambiguity, to be interpreted differently by each person. The pure pleasure of creating is the driving force behind his painting. He believes that art need not be complicated, and that art is for everyone.

“Whatever an artist does, they put a piece of their soul into the artwork,” explains Grau. “In that way you can show who you really are. You can make yourself individual by creating something unique that is a part of you but that can also be a part of those who see it and experience it.”