Bernhard Zimmer

German artist Bernhard Zimmer produces layered, subtly textured paintings that contain diametrically opposed elements—order and chaos, abstraction and representation, boldness and subtlety—in exquisite tension. Working with oil and mixed media on canvas, he paints in color-fields of soft shapes and delicate lines.

Bernhard Zimmer was born in 1957 in Stuttgart, Germany. From 1978 to 1984, he completed an education in Cultural Studies in Hildesheim. Zimmer continues to live and work in Cologne. He has exhibited in Hanover, Munich, Dusseldorf, Basel, Gent, and Singapore to name a few. Zimmer has managed to create a positive stir at major international art fairs such as Art Basel and Kunst Köln. His mysterious compositions pique the taste of the serious art collector.

Whether figurative or abstract, Zimmer’s artworks inherently alter the feeling of a space. One is absorbed in contemplation as perfectly layered colors and etched hieroglyphic text vibrate from within. Zimmer’s work oscillates between the Geometric Abstraction of Josef Albers and the sublimely layered color fields of Mark Rothko; with added figures that seem to be composed of shadows. This tension between form, color, and text create canvases with glowing compositions that reverberate with emotion.