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Fredi Gertsch

Fredi Gertsch

Born in Switzerland in 1952, Fredi Gertsch has been a competitive swimmer, sports teacher, computer engineer, and a father of three boys. Unlike his kids, his sketches, goodnight stories and daydreams of the past have never quite grown up. Today Gertsch trains his inexhaustible imagination in the studio, inventing new stories on canvas daily. He has no limits, but the most common theme in his work is always that of the cow.

Each cow painting from Gertsch is able to enjoy environments beyond that of the pasture. “Lolita” has been adopted by an Indian family living in New York and today she mischievously enjoys the view from a skyscraper in Brooklyn. “Fleurette” has made it into the Swiss Alps, and “VoguLisi” flew to Texas to experience the vast expanse of land.

Gertsch says “Because of my worldwide collectors, my cattle are the happiest Emmentaler cows - hardly born, they stagger onto the biggest pastures in the world". His collectors all agree "It must be a kind person who paints such lovable cows.” Many of Gertsch’s paintings have travelled halfway around the world, decorating modern apartments, holiday homes, medical practices, hotels, and public buildings. His Cows can be found in Singapore, Zurich, New York, Texas, Berne, Munich and Berlin, Sydney, Oslo, Hamburg, and Salzburg, from the Emme Valley all the way to sunny Los Angeles