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The Framework of Texture

March 5, 2022 - April 1, 2022

Opening: Saturday 5th of March 2022 4PM - 6PM

The Framework of Texture: March 5, 2022 - April 1, 2022

In The Framework Of Texture, the theme of tactile artwork is revealed through painting, textiles, and mixed media. Nature, landscape, and portraiture are just a few themes that serve as the inspiration for many of the works, concepts of decay, identity, and displacement are also present. The featured artists draw upon a background in textiles and the materials of acrylic medium and pigment to evoke a unique perspective delivered with an alluring, tangible essence.

Capturing movement in acrylic and spray paint, Armen Ges experiments with optical illusions and perspective in his original abstract artworks. To create these intriguing visuals, Ges employs traditional gestural techniques in combination with graffiti. Through this process, his artworks gain an elevated degree of complexity.

Using an impasto, painterly technique Dana Cowie creates cubist-inspired farm and rural landscapes. Working within controlled color schemes, her artworks appear abstract up close and become more representational as the viewer takes in the larger image. Each stylized color represents shadows and grander forms of perspective that capture a more vibrant experience beyond the minute details of the subjects she paints.

Pushing against social convention, abstract artist LE BohemianMuse creates multifaceted artworks that challenge her artistic impulses. Each artwork reflects a story of defiance with a subtle vulnerability through the exposed layers and visible stages of creation. As a self-proclaimed colorist, BohemianMuse works against creative stagnation by placing a focus on textural elements that act as a source of detail, energy, and complexity in place of obvious colors.

R. Hunt is inspired by philosophy, mathematics, scientific theory, poetry, and astronomy and these themes appear in his work repeatedly. He describes his chosen imagery as, "Chaotic order pouring from the watery depths of my unconscious.” His body of work encompasses works on canvas outlining figures and complex storylines as well as three-dimensional string art portraits.

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