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Saturated Euphoria

April 2, 2022 - May 5, 2022

Opening: Saturday 2nd of April 2022 4PM - 6PM

Saturated Euphoria: April 2, 2022 - May 5, 2022

The exhibition Saturated Euphoria showcases a spectrum of colorful one-of-a-kind artworks that inspire joy and delight through the lens of color. Colors are an integral part of the art world and their impact on the human perception of an artwork is irrefutable. Color has the energy to influence both emotions and cognitive processes. Experience, memories, and cultural differences influence color perception. While the biological capacity for perception is identical all over the world, the meanings and associations thereby evoked can sometimes differ greatly.

Emilio Rama's original artworks are characterized by using elements and references of Pop Culture with a critical eye on consumption and entertainment. The graphic composition of his paintings reflects the fragility of our environment by being presented as paper figures simulating natural objects. 

US Navy veteran Randy Morales fuses nostalgia and graphic expressionism within his street-pop artworks. The choice of subjects within his artworks is strongly influenced by his experience growing up in the 90s. Carrying on the theme of feeling like an outsider much of his life, Morales focuses on characters that he would consider less “obvious” to the masses but more emotionally evocative to those who recognize them.

Darwin Estacio Martinez’s work uses a universally understood visual language to convey unfinished stories like still images taken from a movie. This lack of context is also what allows the viewer to connect with the work and apply the narratives that resonate most with them as individuals.

While Lindsey McCord’s figures tend to have a neutral expression, the bold colors of her work and the patterns express the joy and celebration of fashion. Since she made her artworks available in 2020, she has been steadily amassing a following of her works as well as collectors across the world.

Jason DeMeo focuses on exploring a concept that he has coined Synthesism™. It stems from the definition of the word synthesis: “the combining of often diverse elements into a coherent whole.” This theme of blending, combining, and remixing in many disciplines, especially music, architecture, and even culture leading to the growth of community is captured in his work.

Clara Berta manipulates her colorful artwork with several layers of texture paste, mixed media, and acrylic paint, she will work and re-work her canvases, layering textures to give added dimension. Her dynamic and highly textural abstract works have been exhibited across the United States and collected worldwide.

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