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Artist Featured in The Wall Street Journal: Bettina Mauel

March 10, 2024 - March 10, 2025

Artist Featured in The Wall Street Journal: Bettina Mauel: March 10, 2024 - March 10, 2025

In the world of contemporary art, few names resonate as profoundly as Bettina Mauel. Renowned for her unique blend of vibrant colors and emotive compositions, Mauel's artwork has captured the attention of both art enthusiasts and design aficionados alike. Recently, her exceptional talent was highlighted in a Wall Street Journal article titled "What’s the ‘Unexpected Red’ Decor Trick—and Will It Really Make Your House Look Better?"

The article delves into the fascinating world of design, exploring the viral TikTok theory that claims a dash of crimson is the secret to creating a chic living space. Design professionals weigh in on why this decorating trick works and how to expertly incorporate it into your home. At the heart of this captivating feature is the inspiring work of Bettina Mauel, whose artistry serves as a prime example of the power and allure of the 'Unexpected Red' decor trend.

Mauel's ability to infuse her pieces with emotion and energy is evident in every stroke of her brush. Her work transcends mere aesthetics, creating an immersive experience for viewers that resonates on a visceral level. From bold, abstract compositions to intricately detailed pieces, Bettina Mauel's portfolio is a testament to her versatility and mastery of the medium.

At Artspace Warehouse, we take immense pride in representing Bettina Mauel and showcasing her extraordinary talent to a global audience. Her inclusion in the Wall Street Journal article is a well-deserved recognition of the impact her art has on the world of design and aesthetics.

We invite you to explore Bettina Mauel's captivating collection at our gallery, where her pieces come to life, inviting you to embrace the 'Unexpected Red' decor trend and elevate your living spaces with a touch of sophistication and artistic flair. Join us in celebrating the artistry of Bettina Mauel and the timeless beauty she brings to the world of contemporary art and design.

Kitchen by New York designer Ariel Okin. PHOTO: DONNA DOTAN

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