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Bettina Mauel

Bettina Mauel

Bettina Mauel, a German artist born in 1959, studied under the tutelage of Gerhard Richter, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Throughout her artistic career, Mauel has been driven by a single, inexhaustible theme of capturing the fleeting movements of our ever-changing world, exploring the relationship between perception and impermanence.

Mauel expresses dynamism and sensuality in her paintings. “I paint what I experience,” she articulates. “This includes landscapes, flowers, and people in motion, capturing them at a particular moment in time.” Whether the subject be dancers, cityscapes, landscapes, or pure expressionistic brushstrokes, Mauel has exemplified herself as an expert in the acute perception of ephemeral moments.

In 1984, Mauel was commissioned by the city of Wuppertal to paint scenes of the dance theater of Pina Bausch, an experience that had a profound influence on the selection of themes in her art. Rather than focusing on spectacular poses, she pays careful attention to the spontaneous movements in-between, capturing a resonating rush of color and form. Her impromptu paintings combine a long tradition of Eastern scroll painting, expressionist sketch, and fashion illustration.

Mauel's brightly colored artworks reveal the act of painting itself, and she has received numerous prestigious art prizes for her work. Her art has been featured in exhibitions throughout Europe, North America, and Asia and has been acquired by notable public institutions.