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The West Coast


Ross Tamlin


Mixed Media, Oil, Enamel on Canvas


42 x 33 in
107 x 84 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Color, along with industrial imagery and objects, are central in Australian artist Ross Tamlin’s photo-realist paintings. He is particularly interested in the appropriation of found objects in modern art. His compositions are a contemporary examination of industrial materials in which he reconstructs their purpose and function to reveal new relationships between the object and viewer. He works primarily in bright colors combined with primary hues overlaid with text and glazing to produce his version of an industrial landscape. He reworks the traditional idea of landscape painting by incorporating text and the names of familiar places through a modernized interpretation.

This colorful oil and enamel painting on canvas is 42 inches tall by 36 inches wide. The sides of this vibrant hyper-realistic artwork are painted as a continuation of the front. It does not require framing. It is signed and dated by the artist on the front. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable US and worldwide shipping. A certificate of authenticity issued by the gallery is included.

Ross Tamlin is a full time artist living in Kyogle, New South Wales, Australia. He began a Fine Arts Certificate course at Meadowbank TAFE, and in Brisbane he completed a graphic arts course before returning to Sydney. His signature corrugated iron paintings combine traditional art genres including still-life and landscape along with graphic art. Influenced by the De Stijl movement, these paintings represent a synthesis of art and function. Incorporating the aesthetics of modern industrial technique, the corrugation in his photorealistic compositions is a visual illusion created by layers of paint and varnish.

“My idea was to transmute traditional Australian corrugated iron into works of modern art. The corrugation in the painting is a visual illusion created by layers of paint. Most people can connect with these panels because corrugated iron is a familiar sight both in suburbia and the bush. However, the sense of seeing the traditional is contradicted by the contemporary signage.” The popularity of Tamlin's work has expanded his subject matter, with current works reflecting international signage and locales.

Tamlin's works are held in private collections worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, and France. Corporate collections include: ING Bank, Babcock & Brown, Barclays Bank, Saville Hotel Group, Savills Property Group, Minter Ellison, Hai Win Shipping, Allkotes Pty Ltd, Blue Scope Steel Pty Ltd, Sieper & Co., A. P. Moller Maersk Group, Grant Thomas Management, Maridan Pty Ltd, Esprit Changeware Pty Ltd, and Maritime Transport Ltd, London.


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Ross Tamlin

Ross Tamlin

Born in 1958, New Zealand artist Ross Tamlin is renowned for his unique and captivating signature corrugated iron paintings. He received formal training at TAFE NSW Meadowbank in Meadowbank, Australia, where he pursued a Fine Arts Certificate course, followed by a graphic arts course in Brisbane, Australia, before returning to Sydney to establish himself as a professional artist.

Tamlin's work is a brilliant fusion of traditional art genres, including still-life and landscape, and graphic art. Influenced by the De Stijl movement, his paintings represent a perfect amalgamation of art and function. Tamlin incorporates the aesthetics of modern industrial techniques to create the illusion of corrugation in his photorealistic compositions. His paintings are created by using layers of paint and varnish to achieve a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and texture to his artwork.

Color, industrial imagery, and objects play a central role in Tamlin's work. He is fascinated by the traditional appropriation of found objects in modern art and uses them in his compositions to reconstruct their purpose and function, revealing new relationships between the object and viewer. Tamlin's artwork is primarily characterized by bright colors, combined with primary hues overlaid with text and glazing, to produce his unique version of a landscape. His innovative use of text and familiar place names in his paintings creates a contemporary interpretation of landscape painting.

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