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Sunlit Landscape V


Greet Helsen


Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas


32 x 60 in
81 x 152 cm


White Wood Frame


Artspace Warehouse (Upon Request - V)


Belgian artist Greet Helsen masterfully layers acrylic paint with the effervescent transparency of watercolors in her large mixed-media abstract paintings. Reminiscent of abstract expressionism and lively color field paintings of Helen Frankenthaler, Helsen's shimmering pastel planes are accentuated by meandering ink lines and rhythmic pops of contrasting colors.

This thoughtful process results in artwork with unmistakable lightness and softness. Helsen's pieces showcase unique textures and subtle details that grace their surfaces, adding to their visual appeal. In addition to layering acrylic paint, Helsen skillfully incorporates ink and other mixed media to enhance the colors and create a sense of depth within her works.

This colorful 32-inch tall and 60-inch wide horizontal fine art painting is framed in a thin white wood frame. The size and price of the artwork include the frame, and it is elegantly signed on the front and comes wired, making it conveniently ready to be hung and displayed. Free delivery is available for those in the local Los Angeles area, and affordable worldwide shipping is available for US and international art collectors. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

Born in Hoogstraten, Belgium in 1962, Helsen's artistic journey began after completing her studies with B. Assenza in 1984. She founded her own art school in Dortmund, Germany, where she directed for twelve years. Helsen's passion for teaching continued as she shared her knowledge at the Assenza art school in Münchenstein until 2012, and later took over the NetzWerk art school in Switzerland. Currently residing near Basel, Helsen's abstract paintings have garnered international acclaim, exhibited in prestigious galleries, and collected worldwide.


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Greet Helsen

Greet Helsen

Greet Helsen was born in 1962 in Hoogstraten, Belgium. Following her graduation in 1984 from her art studies with Italian painter B. Assenza, she continued her independent educational and artistic works.

In her abstract works, she uses mainly acrylic, but utilizes the medium like watercolor, bringing lightness into her paintings. The shimmering colors are transparent and are accentuated by ink lines and reflecting and highlighting large swathes of color. This process gives the paintings unmistakable lightness and softness with harmonious combinations of bright color blocks and lines set against white backgrounds.

In 1986 Helsen founded her own art school in Dortmund, Germany which she continued to direct for the next twelve years. Following a short break from teaching while focusing on her own creative growth, she held classes until 2012 at the Assenza Visual Art School Basel, located in Münchenstein, Switzerland. She then took over the management of the NetzWerk Malerei art school also in Münchenstein, Switzerland. Greet Helsen currently works and lives near Basel, Switzerland.

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