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Serenity Sky


Acrylic on Canvas


8 x 8 in
20 x 20 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Nichole McDaniel's artistry unfolds as a captivating fusion of contemporary landscapes and abstract compositions, drawing inspiration from both local surroundings and her explorations across the globe. Her artwork showcases a full spectrum of bright, vivid colors highlighting the delicate and detailed silhouettes.

This delicately layered 8-inch square painting is created using acrylic on canvas. The painting's texture and distinctive colors harmonize with the artwork, mirroring the vibrant energy of the surrounding elements. The artwork bears the artist's signature on the side and back, reinforcing its authenticity and provenance. Convenient delivery is available for those in the local Los Angeles area, and affordable worldwide shipping is available for US and international art collectors. A certificate of authenticity issued by the esteemed art gallery accompanies this artwork.

Through her art, McDaniel offers a gentle reminder that life's journey may not always be smooth, but maintaining an optimistic outlook and embracing the blessings we have can be a source of motivation. Drawing inspiration from landscapes and waterscapes, her creations evoke a profound sense of joy and wonder, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature's wonders.

Nichole McDaniel's artistic talent has garnered acclaim both domestically and internationally. Graduating with honors and at the top of her department, she holds a Bachelor of Arts from Western Illinois University. Currently residing and working in Southern California, McDaniel's artistic prowess continues to captivate audiences, with her unique blend of contemporary landscapes and abstract expressions serving as a testament to her artistic vision and creative journey.


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Nichole McDaniel

Nichole McDaniel

Nichole McDaniel’s inspirations are based on observing the sun’s interaction with the horizon and appreciating the beauty of these naturally occurring shadows and silhouettes, inevitably setting the tone for her imaginative eye. Expressing the changing colors of the ocean and sky, the countless details found in her work are reflections of her thoughts that no two moments are the same.

McDaniel's original contemporary abstract landscape artworks are inspired by the natural formations and contours of her local surroundings and travels. Showcasing a full spectrum of bright, vivid colors highlighting the delicate and detailed silhouettes. Nichole’s handcrafted artworks are created with aerosol and acrylic paint and resin on custom-built canvas or wood panels. In some of her works, she adds texture accented by resin-like energy given from the surrounding elements.

McDaniel’s works have been exhibited and collected across the US.

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