Nichole McDaniel

Nichole McDaniel’s earliest fascinations were with silhouettes. Observing the sun’s interaction with the horizon and appreciating the beauty of these natural occurring shadows and silhouettes inevitably set the tone for her imaginative eye. Inspired by the changing colors of the ocean and sky, the countless details found in her work are reflections of her thoughts that no two moments are the same.

Her most recent series are collections of contemporary landscapes and abstracts; inspired by the natural formations and contours of her local surroundings and travels. Showcasing a full spectrum of bright, vivid colors highlighting the delicate and detailed silhouettes. Nichole’s handcrafted artworks consist of a unique process involving aerosol, acrylic, and resin on custom-built canvas or wood panel. The texture of the artworks and smooth resin compliment and contrast the work, like the energy given from the surrounding elements.