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Flower Field III




Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas


60 x 79 in
152 x 201 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Khoury's art is characterized by her masterful use of vivid fluorescent colors, dark tones, and high-contrast compositions that are both striking and visually compelling. She employs a variety of techniques, including thick and thin brushstrokes, to create a sense of depth and texture in her work. To balance the roughness of the canvas, which is treated with sand prior to starting each piece, Sally incorporates pastels, which add a softness to the overall texture of the painting. The sand is evenly sprinkled across the surface, giving each piece a unique and distinct texture.

This large colorful 60-inch high by 79-inch wide painting is an acrylic paint composition on canvas with pastels, spray paint, and sand. This abstract artwork is signed by the artist on the front of the artwork. The sides are a continuation of the painting and it does not require framing. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Convenient U.S. and global shipping are available. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

Khoury's series of abstract paintings is a celebration of her connection to her parent's native language and the Arab world she grew up in. Through the incorporation of elements of Arabic writing, Khoury infuses her work with a unique charm and energy that captivates the viewer. The curves and lines that make up the language are emphasized and transformed into vibrant, colorful patterns that represent a mix of emotions and memories. Each painting is a visual representation of the sense of belonging that Khoury feels through the language and culture of her upbringing.

Khoury begins her creative process by using pastels, spray paint, and acrylics to create scratches and marks on the canvas. As she works, she draws inspiration from Arabic words and phrases, using them to guide the direction of her strokes. Before the paint dries, Khoury scrapes it off, pulling it downwards towards the end of the canvas. To complete the composition, Khoury adds solid colors and meticulously placed drips of paint, which give the painting a sense of movement and depth. The result is a series of captivating abstract paintings that showcase Khoury's talent as an artist and her unique artistic vision.

Khoury was born in Ohio following her family’s emigration from Lebanon. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Saudi Arabia, where she stayed until she was 14. Sally then attended high school and college in Beirut, where she graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with distinction from the Lebanese American University of Beirut. In 2013, she moved back to the United States and settled in California. She recently relocated to Qatar. Her paintings have been featured in group and solo shows in Beirut, Dubai, Italy, and the USA.


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Khoury was born in Ohio following her family’s emigration from Lebanon. After graduating college in Beirut with a BA in Fine Arts, she moved back to the United States in 2013. Since 2019 she has been living in Qatar. Her paintings have been featured in group and solo shows in Beirut, Dubai, Italy, and the USA.

Khoury uses vivid fluorescent colors and darker tones as well as thick and thin marks to create compositions with high contrast. She incorporates pastels to add softer notes to balance the textured base of the canvas that she refines by adding sand in the initial layer.

Khoury enjoys letting the materials, her intuition and her feelings guide her. Reconnecting with her parent's native language, Khoury incorporates elements of Arabic writing that give it its charm. Although nothing is explicitly written, she emphasizes the curves and lines that give the language its unique traits. Her paintings represent a mix of emotions and memories, but mostly a sense of belonging through a language that represents the Arab world she grew up in.

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