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Khoury was born in Ohio following her family’s emigration from Lebanon. After graduating college in Beirut with a BA in Fine Arts, she moved back to the United States in 2013. Since 2019 she has been living in Qatar. Her paintings have been featured in group and solo shows in Beirut, Dubai, Italy, and the USA.

Khoury uses vivid fluorescent colors and darker tones as well as thick and thin marks to create compositions with high contrast. She incorporates pastels to add softer notes to balance the textured base of the canvas that she refines by adding sand in the initial layer.

Khoury enjoys letting the materials, her intuition and her feelings guide her. Reconnecting with her parent's native language, Khoury incorporates elements of Arabic writing that give it its charm. Although nothing is explicitly written, she emphasizes the curves and lines that give the language its unique traits. Her paintings represent a mix of emotions and memories, but mostly a sense of belonging through a language that represents the Arab world she grew up in.