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Janette Dye


Acrylic on Canvas


30 x 20 in
76 x 51 cm


Artspace Warehouse LA (Upon Request)


Janette Dye's abstract artworks embody a harmonious fusion of form, color, and texture, epitomizing the perfect blend of elegance and modernity. Through her masterful application of delicately textured acrylics, juxtaposed with bold lines and vibrant color fields, Dye creates a captivating contrast that accentuates the organic geometric shapes within her paintings. Vibrant and dynamic, her abstract compositions emanate energy and warmth, infusing any space with an inviting atmosphere.

This 30-inch high by 20-inch wide original and vibrant painting is wired and ready to hang. The sides of the red, yellow, and black artwork are painted black eliminating the need for framing and creating a cohesive, finished look. The painting is wired and ready to hang, making it a hassle-free addition to any wall. It's signed by the artist on the back, adding an extra touch of authenticity and value. Convenient delivery is available for those in the local Los Angeles area, and affordable worldwide shipping is available for US and international art collectors. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included with the artwork, ensuring that the piece is an authentic work of art from Janette Dye.

Born in England in 1962, Janette Dye's artistic journey was shaped by the contrasts and movements of her upbringing in a quaint village near the industrial city of Manchester. Early on, she received guidance from the renowned English painter, Harold Riley, igniting her lifelong passion for art. Later, the works of Riley's mentor, L.S. Lowry, resonated deeply with Dye, reflecting the strained moods of Northern factories and their laborers—a subject intimately connected to her family history. Inspired by Lowry's ability to capture overpowering emotions through strong stylized forms, Dye delved into abstract art, discovering a profound connection between her art and everyday life.

In recent years, Dye has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed artists such as DOWNS, mentored by Karl Benjamin and Frederick Hammersley. Her artworks have graced exhibitions throughout the United States and have found a home in the prestigious Capital One corporate collection.


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Janette Dye

Janette Dye

Born in England, in 1962, Janette Dye grew up in a quaint village on the outskirts of the industrial NW city of Manchester, amongst thriving contrasts of the working class and the privileged. These constant changes in movement, growth, and vitality were strong influences on the artist from an early age. It was at this time that Janette started regular instructions from the world-renowned English painter, Harold Riley. Thus began the start of a lifelong dream.

Later on, Dye was inspired by the works of Riley's mentor, L.S. Lowry, who was known for his paintings of Northern factories and laborers, reflecting the artist's family history. Dye's fascination with the power of a single painted line led her to explore abstract art, which has become a defining aspect of her work. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States.

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