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Janette Dye

Janette Dye

Born in England, 1962, Janette Dye grew up in a quaint village on the outskirts of the industrial NW city of Manchester, amongst thriving contrasts of the working class and the privileged. These constant changes in movement, growth and vitality were strong influences on the artist from an early age. It was at this time that Janette started regular instructions from the world renowned English painter, Harold Riley. Thus began the start of a lifelong dream.

In later years Janette was exposed to the works of Riley’s mentor L.S. Lowry. Lowry’s paintings depict the strained moods of Northern factories and their laborers, which Janette could relate to because of her family history. He was capable of capturing the overpowering emotions of the workers and the factories through strong stylized forms. She increasingly focused on the potential of a single painted line, which in turn led to her exploration of abstract art.