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Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas


36 x 48 in
91 x 122 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Upon Request - V)


Mexican artist Heny Steinberg’s abstracted landscapes invite us to travel from the map to the localized event. The shapes within Steinberg’s work transcend two dimensional representation and have meaning beyond visual appearance. Her process begins with concrete images and references, yet over time give way to her process. Her abstractions fluctuate between representation and abstraction of variables.. Her works are reminiscent of American Abstract Expressionists like Helen Frankenthaler but also have a clear Mexican Cubist influence. Steinberg’s color palette is unique and soft, while also being dynamic, emotional, and playful.

This 36 inch high by 48 inch wide painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. Steinberg uses several layers of acrylic paint, balancing her artwork between abstracted forms and geometric outlines. The sides of this abstract artwork are painted white. It does not require framing. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable Continental U.S. and worldwide shipping is available. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

Heny Steinberg’s unique artworks are constructed by displacement over a lattice or a diagram by way of fragmentation, union, and re-fragmentation. The shapes that inhabit this multi-dimensional space possess visual values that transcend their actual representation. Her work process becomes a means by which elements that have previously been unnoticed are discovered. Through their decontextualization, elements acquire new meaning, giving rise to a dialogue between the material and the viewer.

Steinberg’s imagination discovers, within the territories, the link between abundance and vacuum, the complex and diverse strategies imagined pursuing the cultural appropriation of space. Her mid-century modern inspired paintings can be found in art collections world-wide. Steinberg’s paintings have been exhibited frequently in her native country of Mexico, but she has also achieved abundant recognition internationally with exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.


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Heny Steinberg

Heny Steinberg

Heny Steinberg is a Mexican artist who received a degree in graphic design from Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature) in Mexico City. Her unique artistic style was developed while studying under Mexican Expressionist painter Eduardo Cohen from 1984-85.

Steinberg's paintings are arranged in a grid or lattice system, which is then deconstructed and re-imagined. Her abstract shapes transcend their two-dimensional representation and have meaning beyond appearance. She draws inspiration from American Abstract Expressionists like Helen Frankenthaler but also incorporates a clear Mexican Cubist influence into her work. Steinberg's color palette is both unique and soft, while also being dynamic, emotional, and playful. Her process involves starting with concrete images and references, but over time she decontextualizes them to create something new and unique.

Steinberg's artworks have been exhibited extensively in Mexico, and she has gained recognition internationally with exhibitions in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

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