Heny Steinberg

Heny Steinberg is a Mexican artist whose work invites us to travel from the map to the localized event. She is suggesting that the spatial memory guidelines reside in the relationship between a two-dimensional space existing in a vacuum and the human territories we inhabit. Steinberg’s imagination discovers, within the territories, the link between abundance and vacuum. The complex and diverse strategies imagined pursue the cultural appropriation of space. The shapes within Steinberg’s work transcend their two dimensional representation and have meaning beyond visual appearance. Her process begins with concrete images and references, yet over time give way to her process of decontextualization. Her abstractions fluctuate between representation and abstraction of variables.

Heny Steinberg was born in Mexico City and received a degree in graphic design from Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature) in Mexico City. From 1984-85, she studied under Mexican Expressionist painter Eduardo Cohen while developing her own style of abstraction.