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Without Destination

May 31, 2019 - July 4, 2019

Without Destination: May 31, 2019 - July 4, 2019

Kati Elm
Fabio Coruzzi
Tae Ho Kang
Ivana Milosevic

New Exhibition Without Destination at Artspace Warehouse features artists Kati Elm, Fabio Coruzzi, Tae Ho Kang, and Ivana Milosevic. In art, it’s important to have two things: Curiosity and Ambition. Switching between playfulness and seriousness, rumor and fact, the artists encourage the premise of meandering without a specific practical purpose except to evoke an appreciation of seeing an open-ended narrative.

Kati Elm is inspired by reminders of past decades. She often uses graphics from recycled print materials from the 1930s to 1960s, such as advertisements, East German school books, comic books, recycled magazines, children’s story books and fairy tales.  Elm operates her own workshop and atelier in Berlin, Germany where she creates each artwork from scratch, starting out by cutting the wood and assembling it. An individual and unique personality and soul is crafted into each artwork with the application of imagery and acrylic paint.

Fabio Coruzzi was born in Foggia, Italy in 1975. He merges painting and photography into one imaginative image that offers a new outlook on an otherwise ordinary urban scene. His artworks represent an authenticity unlike any other:  layered, textural, controversial, open to imagination, colorful, personal, and inspiring.

Tae Ho Kang was born in Seoul, Korea in 1945. He studied ceramics at the College of Arts Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. Kang continued his art education studying Fine Art at California State University, Los Angeles, where he graduated in 1980. Inspired by the artist of the Modern Art era, including Post-Impressionist Paul Cezanne, Kang visualizes the modern day search for identity in an age where information and images permeate every aspect of life.  His scenes are flattened, with everything pressed against the surface. At time multiple views of the same houses are visible, trees and bushes are only vaguely alluded to, and the color palette is sparse.

Ivana Milosevic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1972.  She received a Master’s degree in Architecture from Belgrade University. Since 2000 she has been a practicing architect in the Municipality of Trstenik, specializing in urban design and city planning. As a deputy Mayor of Trstenik, she transformed the city into a modern and contemporary living environment. Milosevic began painting in 2010 and has since had her work exhibited in numerous solo and group shows internationally.  Influenced by her background in architecture and a passion for urban planning, the artist paints loose cityscapes emphasizing structure and perspective.

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