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Urban Thoughts

August 28, 2021 - October 2, 2021

Urban Thoughts: August 28, 2021 - October 2, 2021

From the sensory overload to focusing on specific details of urban life, these artists capture their local and international urban centers from a unique lens.

Marion Duschletta transforms luxury objects and urban areas around the world in her works. She layers an intriguing mixture of urban photographs and American pop icons opposite brand names and advertising references, adding bold colors and compelling patterns. She transfers them onto archival paper which is mounted on canvas. The pop icon imagery is often distressed in an attempt to emphasize a bygone era. She further enhances the artworks with acrylic paint and additional texture.

Tokyo-born artist Alexander Reagan is known for his improvised approach that is driven by a strong and spontaneous vision. Heavily influenced by Contemporary Street Art, as well as his creative heroes Jean-Michel Basquiat and Robert Rauschenberg, Reagan has gravitated towards large-scale multimedia compositions, often incorporating print and text.

“The beauty of this urban landscape gave me a deep impression and great change began to take place in my work. I wanted to be a molecule in this huge space. I have to find a house of my heart to be molecule,” TaeHo Kang explains, “Where is the house I live in? What is my identity? This question has begun to arise. I am on a long journey to find my own house.” His mixed media collage artworks have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions as well as art fairs throughout the US and internationally. His artworks have been acquired by private collectors around the world.

Color, along with industrial imagery and objects, are central in Ross Tamlin’s work. He is particularly interested in the traditional appropriation of found objects in modern art. His compositions are a contemporary examination of industrial materials in which he reconstructs their purpose and function to reveal new relationships between the object and viewer. He works primarily in bright colors combined with primary hues overlaid with text and glazing to produce his version of a landscape. He reworks the traditional idea of landscape painting by incorporating text and familiar places names in a modern interpretation.

Being self-taught, Naguy Claude is thirsty for discovery. After serious reflection upon his artistic process, he strives to explore new methods of expressing idols of mainstream culture. This drive allowed him to acquire deep knowledge and innovative techniques, using aerosol, brush, graffiti, dripping, collage, stencil, and other media. Naguy is known to create his artwork under the artist nickname of "Nacks".

Pete Kasprzak’s vibrant style has caught the interest of numerable art collectors, art blogs, TV shows, and newspapers across Canada and the United States. His artworks express energy and life in new and innovative ways. He adds dynamic movement and texture with oil and acrylic paint on his mixed-media cityscape artworks.

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