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Something Vague

January 4, 2019 - February 14, 2019

Something Vague: January 4, 2019 - February 14, 2019

Something Vague at Artspace Warehouse features artists Edith Konrad, Hilary Bond, Greet Helsen, and Maria C. Bernhardsson.

 Swiss artist Edith Konrad has studied in numerous master classes with artists from Germany and Italy. She paints on the cutting edge of figuration and abstraction, mostly with acrylic on canvas, collage and mixed media. Konrad uses subtle and harmonic colors and layered textures to create an extraordinary depth and amazing balance in her paintings. Her artworks have been exhibited internationally, including many art fairs such as Montreux, Geneva, Salzburg, Rotterdam, Marbella, Porto Ceresio, Los Angeles, Toronto and Paris.

Hilary Bond attended the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she majored in visual arts. After graduating she pursued painting, photography and printmaking at the Cooper Union. Upon completing her degree she moved to Los Angeles, where she currently lives and works. Popular culture, art history, personal travels and experiences all influence Bond’s work.  

 Greet Helsen founded her own art school in Dortmund, Germany in 1986 which she also directed for twelve years. Following a short time off from teaching while focusing on her creative growth, she gave classes until 2012 at the Assenza art school in Münchenstein. She then took over the management of the NetzWerk art school Münchenstein, Switzerland. Greet Helsen works and lives near Basel, Switzerland.

Maria C Bernhardsson is a colorful artist who lives and paints in Sweden. Most of her works are influenced by the architecture and geometry of houses. Bernhardsson travels the world photographing and sketching houses to use as inspiration for her canvas and paper artworks. Within her artworks, Bernhardsson plays with the colors and shadows of individual houses in conjunction with the overall feeling of gazing at a collection of these buildings. She then adds playful details such as flowers and animals to make the houses feel more like homes.

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