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Marginal Activities

January 10, 2020 - February 13, 2020

Marginal Activities: January 10, 2020 - February 13, 2020

Artspace Warehouse is pleased to announce the exhibition Marginal Activities, featuring works from Gerdine Duijsens, Michael Giliberti, Scott Froschauer, and Danny Brown. In this vibrant show, each artist celebrates life’s small moments with grand gestures. Joyously depicting the fabric of everyday life each artist brings love and notice to their subjects with texture and color, through playful scenes and formal compositions.

 Marginal Activities brings together bright gestural work such as Duijsen’s dining and party scenes with their eccentric people, lush layers of color, and expressionistic mark-making. Duijsen elevates the emotional feeling of indulgence among her pearl-donning guests while maintaining an expressionist and informal portraiture. In juxtaposition, Brown elevates his streetwear-donning subjects with more formal compositions and limited palates. This exaltation of informal subject matter is a theme in Giliberti’s work which lovingly captures googie-style buildings and other pop components of life in Los Angeles. With resolve to encourage his audience to re-think the everyday Froschauer plays with signage and language to formally announce positive messages such as “You Are Enough”.

Scott Froschauer Scott Froschauer is a contemporary sculptor, fabricator, and multi-media artist. Froschauer utilizes a practice called “culture jamming,” which uses familiar elements from the urban environment to make a social critique, bringing positive messages and language into the everyday. Describing his work, Froschauer said: “The main visual language in street signs is traditionally negative, my artwork is about imagining how to give reassuring language in the place of negative language.”

Also focusing on street art, Danny Brown became fluent in the use of color blocking and translating rougher imagery into something vibrant through the subculture of street art. Brown’s art coalesces youth culture, art history, fashion, and American consumerism and melds them all to create his unique style.

Vivid colors and street themes are powerfully present in Michael Giliberti’s work. Playful shapes and bright lights of roadside signs have left lasting impressions on the artist. They became one of the irresistible sources of inspiration for his mixed media works on canvas. Giliberti says of his art: “I paint subjects that may be familiar to people or attract their attention; maybe a place they’ve visited, or possibly somewhere they’d like to go.”

Gerdine Duijsens’ work is a synthesis between figurative and abstract art. Her internationally collected paintings reflect the modern culture of consumerism, the desire to achieve status and overindulgence. In their unguarded moments. Through lyrical expressionism in its purest form, we see ourselves. The characters are satirical, exaggerated forms and are meant to be lighthearted and fun.

Marginal Activities will open on January 11 and will close on February 14, 2020.
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