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Liminal Space

August 9, 2019 - September 12, 2019

Liminal Space: August 9, 2019 - September 12, 2019

Liminal Space highlights transition. Simultaneous feelings of nostalgia and anticipation permeate the artworks highlighted in this group show featuring artists Shauna La, Mireia Serra, Thomas Hammer, and Pete Kasprzak.

Shauna La creates dynamic, undulating abstract paintings that revel in transient states. Inspired by memories and lucid dreams, La's paintings offer interpretations of the subconscious. In her most recent work, she creates compelling and beautiful glimpses into not only her perception of this reality, but her reaction to it. 

Mireia Serra creates intimate sculptures that confess the beauty of small moments. Her small scale bronze artworks capture the beauty of transition: a young lady challenged by her next adventure, a young man pondering his dreams, a girl reflecting while listening to music…Serra vividly links us with art that inspires the contemplation of life and relationships.

Thomas Hammer is known for his dynamic monochrome ink action paintings. Inspired by photography and the natural world, Hammer creates paintings that capture a snapshot of his energy. He works fast and relies on instinct to achieve the right balance of spontaneity and control. 

Pete Kasprzak creates new urban spaces by applying paint to original photographs. Kasprzaks landscapes pulse with the energy of a living city. His unique brush strokes in oil and acrylic breathe life into a moment captured in time. His work is symbolic of the cityscapes that he experiences, breaching the space between reality and utopia.

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