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Light On Your Feet

November 6, 2021 - December 3, 2021

Opening: Saturday 6th of November 2021 4PM - 6PM

Light On Your Feet: November 6, 2021 - December 3, 2021

The connection between the creative process of art-making and personal happiness is by no means a new idea.  The creative process is itself a source of joy for most people that many tapped into during the pandemic.  With new creative powers, we're also better able to solve the little problems that beset us daily.  As more people pick up a paintbrush, they look to established artists for positive inspiration.  The artists featured in this month’s exhibition, Light On Your Feet, embody creative elements that uplift and inspire us through application, composition, color, and more.

Dynamic and abstracted still-life artworks are the specialty of Georgia-based artist Kellie Newsome. Her work is characterized by a loose and expressive style emphasizing line structure to celebrate the details. Through layering additional texture, Newsome creates paints with depth and liveliness.

Brandon Hurley is known for painting bundled shoes and other objects in near-photographic detail. His works show how being consumed by celebrity fashion has changed the tenor and texture of everyday life. The appeal of Hurley's work includes different takes on sneaker aesthetics, rendered in new compositions and beautifully detailed by hand. His technical skill makes you ponder the artist’s attention-focusing and impressive take on popular culture and asks us to reconsider visual architecture.

Los Angeles native RF fuses original and iconic characters in her vivid graffiti-inspired twisted pop artworks. Within each artwork, RF blends a mix of humor, eccentricity, and controlled chaos. The compositions she creates reimagine the familiar and add action to the stagnant representations of various characters.
RF strives to push the narrative that graffiti/pop culture is far more than just “street” art. RF has "always believed that Pop Art and Street Art in its true essence is the rawest representation of the general public.

Gary John first exploded onto the international art scene during Art Basel Miami in 2013. John’s playfully bold work quickly gained attention and he was named one of 20 standout artists at the 2014 New York Affordable Art Fair. His artworks continue to be exhibited at galleries and major international art fairs in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Notable collectors include Kelly Clarkson.

Uruguayan artist Leonardo Aguirre creates vibrant, visually animated scenes in theatrical environments. The idea of a colorful atmosphere with everyday recognizable signs and elements allows the art aficionado to imagine scenes one day and discover another story the next day. Aguirre works in a post-constructivist style that has roots in the school of Torres-García.

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