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Informal Languages

October 13, 2018 - November 23, 2018

Informal Languages: October 13, 2018 - November 23, 2018

Informal Languages opening October 14, 2018, at Artspace Warehouse features artists Shauna La, Clara Berta, Gail Titus, Paul Kirley and Ricky Hunt.

The exhibition explores memory and movement and creates harmony and serenity in a chaotic world. The paintings allow the viewer to ruminate on their own unique human experience as well as form a connection to an artist through their work. The paintings, through abstraction, allow for an open dialog with the artist and the viewer. The artworks invite the viewer to perceive the work in their own unique way, that fits with the narrative of their lives.

Shauna La explores the relationships between lines and emotion, color, and thought in her dynamic acrylic and mixed media works. Her works range from small canvases with muted color impassioned with crimson texture and stark charcoal lines to extremely large canvases enriched with brilliant texture and depth.

Clara Berta’s paintings explore themes such as the ebb and flow of memory, the significance of personal heritage, renewal, the passing of physical time, desire, passion, and love. Her abstract works often include reminders of her travels expressed in unexpected sequences of patterns as well as distortion of perspectives and subconscious spaces.

Gail Titus works spontaneously and intuitively without regard to realistic forms, but with a focus on textures, colors, and interesting shapes. She creates artworks by applying paint to a canvas using brushes, scrapers, water bottles or other objects, working quickly and intuitively.

Paul Kirley creates visual experiences that connect people to places as though they were dreaming. His process begins as a series of digital photographic events. Iconic images and stories are identified and cataloged. Selections are then composed and combined with found objects yielding a narrative assemblage.

Ricky Hunt’s mixed media minimalism work reflects on how he brought order into the disorder of his earlier existence. He covers the wood panel with layers of acrylic paint, removing some layers in the process to reveal the underlying evolution of color. His works evoke the many layers of his life.

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