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Corner of the Universe

December 9, 2016 - January 19, 2017

Featured artists include

Gareth Griffith

Ryan Schmidt

Taylor White

Leonardo Aguirre

Alexander Eulert

Gareth Griffiths' sculptures are influenced by West Coast architecture called “Googie”. The origin of Googie derives from a John Lautner-designed coffee shop built in West Hollywood. Features of this Mid-Century modern style include upswept roofs, curvaceous, geometric shapes, and bold use of glass, steel, and neon.

Alex Eulert's paintings are abstract propositions of worlds where divergent forces coalesce into harmonious aesthetic interaction. He draws his inspiration from a lifelong fascination with man as an integral part of nature, his manipulation of it and nature’s process of reclaiming human creations with the passage of Time. 

From traditional methods to working in complete darkness and designing physical challenges which place him in a state of physical stress when painting, Taylor White's work is often intended to become an obstacle to be defeated. .

Ryan Schmidt is inspired by everyday life. He loves to create and design, driven by the impact of making this imagination into a realized form. Schmidt's mission is to share the gift of inspiration through reflection with the passion for stainless steel, and the desire to build sculptures that will last generations.

Uruguayan artist Leonardo Aguirre creates visually animated scenes in a theatrical environment. The idea of a colorful atmosphere with everyday recognizable signs and elements allows the art aficionado to imagine scenes one day and discover another story the next day.


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