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Colored Whipped Cream

November 23, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Colored Whipped Cream: November 23, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Colored Whipped Cream at Artspace Warehouse features artists Sally K, Giuseppe Beddru, Amber Goldhammer and El Witt.

Colored Whipped Cream is about beauty in different interpretations. Beauty can be indulgent and subtle all at the same time. The paintings by each artist in this exhibition are different in what inspired them, but they are all drawn together by the thread of what the artist perceives to be beautiful.

Sally K’s portraits of women are intensely personal. “The women I paint are an extension of me, of what I feel, how I process my surroundings, my thoughts, my anger, my pleasures. They’re the confident strong women that I strive to be. Sometimes tough and daring, sometimes shy and reserved, but always self-assured and determined; they represent what captivates me in other women; the qualities I admire, and strengths that I strive to gain.”

Giuseppe Beddru’s distinctive approach to painting awakes memories and experiences from an apparent state of sleep, conveying them to the present time where the observer discovers his unconventional world of art. He paints not to change the world but the way we look at it. Painting becomes a medium to represent his visions and beliefs, a way to represent humankind in a large variety of interpretations, from joy to sorrow, as all emotions deserve to be represented.

Amber Goldhammer delved into the illusive and captivating movement of Fusionart, following a study with art mentor Rassouli. This journey brought her to her unique artistic vision. The artistic expression of a Fusion artist flows from the heart and reflects what is felt rather than what is observed. With a well-balanced and dynamic style, she creates fluid beauty in simple yet complex abstraction.

El Witt explores the diversity of expression in the mineral and the plant kingdom; the luminescent materiality and colors are brought together as ascending and descending lines of the natural world. She captures what appears as preciousness in nature, such as the glamour of an Amethyst crystal in an amorphous and gray host rock. Her color compositions express this suddenness and juxtaposition of natural events, such as colorful dramatic jewels which are surrounded by covers of contrasting surface forms.

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