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Binary Response

February 15, 2019 - March 21, 2019

Binary Response: February 15, 2019 - March 21, 2019

Judith Angerman
Virginie Schroeder
Jose Carlos Zubiaur
Len Klikunas
Barbara Kolo

Binary Response opening February 16, 2019 at Artspace Warehouse features artists Judith Angerman, Virginie Schroeder, Jose Carlos Zubiaur, Len Klikunas, and Barbara Kolo

Judith Angerman explores three-dimensional imagery as a method of visual manipulation, creating the illusion of depth. Her lenticular works demand viewer interaction. Her artwork images only ‘move’ when they are viewed from different angles. The viewer becomes the participant, controlling the speed and sequence of the moving image. Angerman uses one unifying theme throughout all her work: pushing the reality of the subject.

Virginie Schroeder’s work begins with a realistic sketch which is then deconstructed to her signature striations.  Working meticulously, she then applies layer upon layer of acrylic and oil paint with a syringe.  She then reworks each line with a knife to create precise lines.  Depth is created by the variation of color and finish.  

Combining the delicate touch of painting and the imagery of computer-rendered graphics, Jose Carlos Zubiaur’s paintings transcend what is seen on the canvas. Zubiaur strategically maintains the artificial feeling of high gloss fabricated objects and uses this emphasis on highlights and shadows to create the illusion of a light source passing by or the subject rotating in space. Within each painting, there are no walls or boundaries, simply endless space surrounding the changing subjects which seem to simultaneously exist in both the digital and physical world.

Len Klikunas paints to modify experienced reality through visual perception. The "Blocks" series is a mix of art and architecture, hovering between minimalist painting and sculpture. It employs shizen (自然): the Japanese concept of naturalness, absence of pretense or artificiality. He explores how to articulate the tension of materials and the limits of multi-dimensionality in sculptural paintings. Material is stretched over a supporting three-dimensional framework, like a tent, and coated with paint.

 As an independent freelance art director, Barbara Kolo worked directly with major film and design studios specializing in film advertising. In 1991, Kolo became the Director of Print Advertising at Universal Studios.  Her early interest in drawing and painting had never diminished.  During the early '90s, she followed the urge to develop her own personal artistic voice and began to create her own works. Her drawings were soon being included in local and national group shows.

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