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Mixed Media, Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas


20 x 24 in
51 x 61 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Brandon Gastinell, a Sacramento-born artist now based in Los Angeles, is celebrated for his captivating oil pastel creations that explore the human form with vibrant colors and bold strokes, inspired by impressionism. Drawing from personal experiences, particularly his father's illness, Gastinell's portraiture offers a profound reflection on the human condition, marked by a deep connection to anatomy.

Brandon Gastinell created this 20-inch tall by 24-inch wide by 1.5-inch deep abstract artwork with acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas. This artwork is wired and ready to hang. The sides of this artwork are painted as a continuation of the front. The artist signs and titles the artwork on the back. Convenient delivery is available for those in the local Los Angeles area, and affordable worldwide shipping is available for US and international art collectors. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included with this unique painting.

Transitioning from digital art, Gastinell found a medium that resonates with his vision—oil pastels—allowing him to convey the essence of his subjects, notably black male ballerinas depicted in serene poses that challenge conventional notions of grace and athleticism. His technique, influenced by artists like Francis Bacon, seeks to push boundaries and challenge societal norms, particularly regarding diversity, gender, and the human psyche.

Gastinell's work, including his acclaimed Black Ballerina Anatomy Collection, has earned recognition for its dynamic compositions and emotional depth, with pieces acquired by prestigious institutions like the Crocker Art Museum. Living and creating in Los Angeles, he draws inspiration from the city's cultural landscape, creating both colorful, large-scale artworks and profound monochromatic pieces through his black pigment series.


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Brandon Gastinell

Brandon Gastinell

Brandon Gastinell, a Sacramento-born artist born in 1993 and now based in Los Angeles, is renowned for his unique oil pastel creations on canvas and paper. Inspired by impressionism, his vibrant palette and bold strokes explore the intricacies of the human form. Gastinell's intimate connection to anatomy, influenced by his late father's condition, defines his portraiture, offering a profound perspective on the human condition.

Transitioning from digital art to oil pastels allowed Gastinell to fully express his artistic vision. His current collection, centered on black male ballerinas in repose rather than motion, challenges traditional notions of grace and athleticism. Particularly celebrated is his Black Ballerina Anatomy Collection, gaining recognition for dynamic compositions and emotional depth, with pieces acquired by prestigious institutions like the Crocker Art Museum. Working in Los Angeles, Gastinell draws inspiration from the city's cultural landscape, crafting both large-scale, colorful artworks and impactful monochromatic pieces in his black pigment series.

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