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Trust Me


Mixed Media on Plexiglass


42 x 42 in
107 x 107 cm


Brown Wood Frame


Artplex Gallery


Giuseppe Beddru is an Italian self-taught artist originally from Sicily. His first formative years were spent in Agrigento, where the painter absorbed the influence of traditional Greek art, its mesmerizing attention to beauty and the imposing volumes of human bodies. Beddru brings all these elements to life in his layers of Plexiglas panels through a palette of vigorous colors and rich Mediterranean textures derived from the reminiscences of the former Arabic presence on his island.

This one-of-a-kind 42" by 42" square artwork is framed in a black wood frame. The size and price include the frame. It is wired and ready to hang. The artwork is signed by the artist on the front. Free delivery within Los Angeles area. Affordable global shipping available. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Beddru’s distinctive approach to painting awakes memories and experiences from an apparent state of sleep, conveying them to the present time where the observer discovers his unconventional world of art. He paints not to change the world but the way we look at it. Painting becomes a medium to represent his visions and beliefs, a way to represent humankind in a large variety of interpretations, from joy to sorrow, as all emotions deserve to be represented. His brushes break social conventions and clear out useless sophistication, leading our attention to the essence: humankind in its whole.

The artist represents those who are considered “different”, those who are rejected because of prejudice or, simply, ignorance. Atypical characters populate his artistic world and speak up loud to make their voice heard. They are there. They exist.

After having admired and studied the works of the great masters, the artist decided to leave Italy and move abroad. He currently lives and paints in his studio in Brussels and exhibits on a regular basis. His artworks are collected internationally.


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Giuseppe Beddru

Giuseppe Beddru

Italian painter Giuseppe Beddru has distinguished himself in contributing conceptual insight to the course of contemporary art by embracing experimentation with non-traditional materials, such as thick superposed Plexiglas panels. Many of Beddru’s multi-media paintings include the visual motifs of classical Greek bas-relief sculpture flattened within the confines of Plexiglas. His works are suggestive in nature, rather than descriptive, and include transformative interpretations of the natural environment.

Reminiscent of the Fauvist movement and Italian classicism, Beddru’s bold outlines, dynamic brushstrokes, and contrasting use of color make his work visually exciting. The artist celebrates uniqueness, acting as a beacon of acceptance and understanding for individuals who often face rejection due to prejudice or ignorance. His paintings are indicative of self-discovery and emotional awareness, while also focusing on color, composition, and technical skill.

Beddru’s work is exhibited internationally on a regular basis in venues spanning from highly ranked art fairs to museums in both solo and group exhibitions. His artwork is part of international private collections such as the collection of the Saudi Royal Family and businessman Graeme Hart in New Zealand.

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