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Giuseppe Beddru

Giuseppe Beddru

Italian self-taught painter Giuseppe Beddru has distinguished himself in contributing conceptual insight to the course of contemporary art by embracing experimentation of non-traditional materials, such as thick superposed Plexiglas-panels. His formative creative years were spent in Agrigento, Sicily where he absorbed the influence of classical Greek art. Many of Beddru’s multi-media paintings include the visual motifs of classical Greek bas-relief sculpture, flattened within the confines of Plexiglas. Athletes and female portraits in profile are reminiscent of coins and popular classical imagery. After having admired and studied the works of the great masters, Beddru left Italy to continue his practice abroad.

His figurative pictorial subjects are “unconformably” represented through ink-based mixed media, applied via reverse painting techniques inspired by Italian painters from the seventeenth century. By developing variations of this technique, Beddru focuses on the use of vivid pigments to create striking vibrancy as a distinctive trait of his style. The eye of the observer is simultaneously caught by both a fascinating chromatic balance and the mystery of enigmatic figures who, from the depths of a mythological past, bring secretive symbols to our contemporary present as messages to decipher.

Reminiscent of the Fauvist movement and Italian classicism, Beddru’s bold outlines, dynamic brushstrokes and contrasting use of color make his work visually exciting. His work is extremely personal as well, drawing upon the Arab presence on the island where he grew up and his own Italian heritage. His paintings are indicative of self-discovery and emotional awareness, while also focusing on color, composition, and technical skill. This balance of visual dynamics and emotional response is essential to Beddru’s work.