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Togetherness II


Acrylic, Collage on Canvas


28 x 39 in
71 x 99 cm


Artplex Gallery


Croatian artist Bernard Simunovic plays with color, form, and minimalist lines in his abstract figurative works, analyzing the sculptural capabilities of compositions with the meticulous application of acrylic, oil, spray paint and collage. Bernard Simunovic’s carefully crafted compositions express a delicate sense of intimacy and introspection. A simple black line and clever color blocking formulates lyrical figures in transient states of delight, love, or contemplation. The simple contour line as a graphical element is combined with classical painting. Simunovic's extraordinary compositions are held together through the “thread of life”.

This one-of-a-kind 28 inch tall by 39 inch wide horizontal artwork is a mixed media collage on canvas. This artwork is stretched, wired, and ready to hang. Simunovic applied acrylic paint and different types of paper on canvas to create this modern artwork. The sides are painted white. This artwork is currently unstretched and requires stretching for proper display. The artist has signed the front and back of this unique artwork.

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During the Balkan conflict in the early nineties, Simunovic was sent away by his mother, leaving his hometown and family, and escaped from the war as an unaccompanied minor refugee to Germany. Simunovic began a new life in Germany, continuing his education in the visual arts and pursuing a successful career as a designer and artist.

Simunovic's artworks express his visions as an artist, designer, and sculptor. He unites these disciplines with the intent of creating unique harmonious arrangements. Graphic paintings, carefully thought out with shadow and light, almost become sculptural. His paintings are characterized by their craftsmanship; a stimulating, unsuspecting complexity drawn from the strength of simplicity.


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Bernard Simunovic

Bernard Simunovic

Bernard Simunovic is a Croatian artist and designer with an inspiring life story: in the early 1990's, Simunovic escaped the Balcan conflict as a refugee. Leaving his mother, his hometown, and his family; Simunovic interrupted his studies and came to Germany as an unaccompanied minor. He pursued the fine arts and became prolific in his techniques from classical painting to collage and sculpture.

Simunovic’s carefully crafted compositions frequently express a delicate sense of intimacy and introspection. A simple black line, the “thread of life,” run through and along clever color-blocking. In his latest work, Bernard unites the disciplines of fine art, practical design, and sculpture with unique compositions that appeal to both the creative and practical. Graphic paintings, carefully thought out with shadow and light, become sculptural. His artwork is characterized by impeccable craftsmanship; and a stimulating and unsuspecting complexity, drawn from the strength of simplicity.

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