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Little Girl with the Love Balloon Explosion


Acrylic on Canvas


36 x 36 in
91 x 91 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Canadian artist Virginie Schroeder uses thick textural, playful lines, and other geometric forms to create works with subjects that are not immediately visible when seen up close. Verbal and psychological interplay with the public is integral to her creative process. Her art is the result of reflection, and aesthetic intuition provoked by the geometric forms. Her art exists to intrigue, to elicit questioning of its abstract character visible at first glance. One must draw away slightly to begin to glimpse the impressively detailed work in its totality.

This original figurative pop art 36-inch square acrylic on canvas artwork is wired and ready to hang. The sides of the artwork are painted by the artist and it does not require framing. It is signed by the artist on the bottom and back of the painting. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable Continental U.S. and global shipping available. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

Virginie Schroeder is an innovative artist based in Quebec, Canada. She prefers things not to be visible immediately In order to perceive the works, the viewer must feel them and open up all of their senses in order to enjoy the emotion of the work. Schroeder urges the viewer to enter the work, allowing their emotions to be absorbed into its subject. Her paintings are made to inspire new artistic visions while impressing their stunning technicality to the public.

Schroeder seeks an invented, unstructured, different, and yet popular vision, and hopes to awaken our senses in the search for her works. When a face, an animal, a landscape, or any other subject is removed from its linear structure, it acquires a completely different form, a different identity, dimension, and a new prestige. One does not recognize it at first sight; it emerges as the very process of observation. It is here that the magic occurs, as the viewer consciously discovers a work of abstract character in vivid color which plays upon the tension between the figurative and the imaginary.

Schroeder's original artworks have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs internationally and have been acquired by prestigious collectors around the globe.


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Virginie Schroeder

Virginie Schroeder

An expert in both color and composition, French artist Virginie Schroeder started her successful artistic career after moving to Canada in 2009. She creates textural pop art-inspired paintings that are both abstract and photorealistic, while also being surprisingly playful. Schroeder's artworks are made to inspire new artistic visions, impressing with their stunning technical execution.

Schroeder’s work begins with a realistic sketch which is then deconstructed to her signature striations. Working meticulously, she applies layer upon layer of acrylic and oil paint with a syringe. She reworks each line with a knife to create precise lines. Depth is created by the variation of color and finish.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in Canada, France, the UK, Hong Kong, and the United States.

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