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Ice Coffee Bombshell 2


Acrylic on Paper


12 x 9 in
31 x 23 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Inspired by her background in fashion, artist Lindsey McCord creates vibrant portraits that encapsulate the confidence that comes with the fun of being stylish and chic. Her figures have an open-minded expression while the vivid colors of her work and the patterns express the joy and celebration of fashion. Her bold brush strokes and colorful palette combine layers of energy and beauty.

This original acrylic artwork on paper is 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide. It is unframed. The artwork is signed on the front. Convenient local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable continental US and worldwide shipping are available. A certificate of authenticity is included.

After a childhood on a farm in rural Georgia, McCord moved to New York in 2010 to study fashion design. While completing her degree she taught sewing, fashion design, and jewelry design to style enthusiasts in the greater New York City area. This appreciation for the details of design such as patterns and construction as well as styling shines throughout her artworks.

After completing her degree in Fashion Design McCord started working on events that included completing “crafty” engineering projects and creative installations for major international companies. She eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and has since revisited her fashion illustration roots. Her works have been exhibited at Artspace Warehouse since 2022 and have been collected throughout the US and featured in major TV productions.


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Lindsey McCord

Lindsey McCord

Lindsey McCord, a Georgia-born artist, seamlessly merges her fashion background with her vibrant figurative paintings. Her captivating portraits embody the confidence and allure of style, exuding a joyous celebration of color and pattern. Having spent her formative years on a farm, McCord ventured to New York in 2010 to pursue a degree in fashion design. This immersive experience instilled in her a profound appreciation for the intricate details of design, from patterns and construction to the art of styling, which radiates throughout her artistic endeavors.

After completing her degree, McCord embarked on a journey that encompassed teaching fashion and jewelry design, undertaking creative installations for international companies, and delving into content creation and branding. However, it was her return to her artistic roots in Atlanta, Georgia, that rekindled her passion for fashion illustration and painting. With her paintbrush in hand, McCord expertly combines her diverse artistic pursuits, resulting in original artworks that speak the language of fashion and captivate viewers with their vibrant lines and expressive forms. Her dynamic compositions serve as a visual testament to the inherent beauty and confidence that accompanies the art of style.

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