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Lindsey McCord

Lindsey McCord

Inspired by her background in fashion, Georgia-born artist Lindsey McCord creates artworks that encapsulate the fun of being stylish and the accompanying confidence.

After a childhood on a farm, McCord moved to New York in 2010 to study fashion design. While completing her degree she taught sewing, fashion design, and jewelry design to style enthusiasts in the greated New York City area. This appreciation for the details of design, such as patterns and construction as well as styling, shines throughout her artworks.

Working in the event space, after completing her degree in Fashion Design, pushed her creativity by completing “crafty” engineering projects and creative installations for major international companies. She eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she began to revisit her fashion illustration roots. While her figures tend to have a neutral expression, the bold colors of her work and the patterns express the joy and celebration of fashion.