R Hunt

Ricky Hunt lives and paints in Los Angeles. Much of his work is influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphics, graffiti and his tumultuous past that led to a paradigm shift in creativity and life in general. A brief period of drug addiction in the 1980's led to a term of incarceration. This in turn led to the discovery of his artistic talent and personal transformation through the love of art.

Philosophy, mathematics, scientific theory, poetry and astronomy are a few of the themes that run though his paintings. Hunt describes his imagery as, "Chaotic order pouring from the watery depths of my unconscious".

Hunt began to teach himself to draw in 1995. Nine months later Tiger Woods' father Earl, commissioned a pastel portrait which he described as "The best portrait of Tiger ever painted". From this foundation grounded in traditional drawing skills Hunt's work transformed into the contemporary painting seen today.

His success started with his first sold-out exhibition in Los Angeles in 2016 which led to an international collector base and exhibitions worldwide.