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R Hunt

R Hunt

Ricky Hunt, a renowned Los Angeles artist celebrated for his captivating acrylic and mixed media artworks on canvas, draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences including Egyptian hieroglyphics, graffiti, and his own personal experiences. His artistic journey has been a testament to his passion for art and the transformative power it holds. Philosophy, mathematics, scientific theory, poetry, and astronomy infuse his works, continually reemerging as recurring themes.

One of Hunt's most striking artistic expressions emerges through his string artworks, which showcase his exceptional skill in creating hyperrealistic portraits of women. Utilizing only string and nails, he meticulously winds single lengths of black thread around thousands of nails embedded in a white wood panel. The result is a mesmerizing three-dimensional artwork that captivates the senses and brings the subjects to life with remarkable precision.

Hunt's artistic journey has been one of immense success, catapulted by his inaugural sold-out exhibition in Los Angeles in 2016. This triumph served as a catalyst, propelling him onto the international stage and building a devoted base of collectors who eagerly seek out his exhibitions worldwide. With each new creation, Ricky Hunt continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world, inspiring awe and admiration through his masterful technique, profound artistic vision, and unwavering dedication to his craft.