Nayla Saroufim

Fluid and diverse, Nayla Kai Saroufim’s artworks merge abstraction and surrealism in a rich fusion of pop art inspirations. Drawing from a mix of media, Saroufim was always captivated by the dialogue between painting, illustration, and graphics.
Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982 Saroufim graduated from Académie Lebanese des Beaux-Arts with a degree in Illustration and Art Direction. While working in the publicity field at several multinational advertising agencies, Saroufim began rekindling her interest in art. This interest was not something new. Ever since she was a child, Saroufim knew she wanted to be an artist.
Creative, a dreamer, and a lover of color and beauty, the artist’s personality is clearly portrayed in her art. A decade into her career as an artist, Saroufim’s work embodies her attraction to colors and interest in all forms of expression, especially installations. In 2013, after falling in love with metal works, she decided to focus solely on metal art. The artist’s fascination with themes of artistic tradition, contemporary popular culture, and the essence of global citizenship in a changing world is evident in her work.
Her technique is unique and personalized: a fusion of mixed media and installations in layers of steel, copper, wood, and other elements. Saroufim strives to make her positivity and love of happiness appear in her art, sparking emotion and thoughts in viewers. She hopes that by looking at her art, people will realize that there is beauty and happiness in the simplest things.
Saroufim’s work has traveled the world, including solo exhibitions in London and Beirut. Her work has been exhibited at the Beirut Art Fair, in Singapore, and at Asia Contemporary Art.