Marion Duschletta

Marion Duschletta was born 1972 in Graubünden, Switzerland. She has been a full time professional artist since 2004. For over ten years (2004-2014) she was the owner of Galerie Mauerblümchen in Zürich, Switzerland. Due to her increasing international success as an artist she now focuses exclusively on creating unique artworks.

Marion Duschletta transforms luxury objects and urban areas around the world. She layers an intriguing mixture of urban photographs and American Pop Icons opposite brand names and advertising references, adding bold colors and compelling patterns. She transfers them onto archival paper which is mounted on canvas. The Pop Icon imagery is often distressed in an attempt to emphasize a bygone era. She further enhances the artworks with acrylic paint and texture.

Her popular series of artworks include cities such as New York, Zurich, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles as well as American Pop Icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Chanel.

The sides of her artworks are painted, and they do not require framing.