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Ivana Milosevic

Ivana Milosevic

Ivana Milosevic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1972. She received a Master’s degree in Architecture from Belgrade University. Since 2000 she has been a practicing architect in the Municipality of Trstenik, specializing in urban design and city planning. As a deputy Mayor of Trstenik, she transformed the city into a modern and contemporary living environment.

Milosevic began painting in 2010 and has since had her work exhibited in numerous solo and group shows internationally. Influenced by her background in architecture and a passion for urban planning, the artist paints loose cityscapes emphasizing structure and perspective.
She uses palette knives and brushes to carve the structures of buildings through layers of paint, giving her paintings depth and texture. Small shadows of human figures populate her work, adding a sense of familiarity and bustling life.

The artist states, “Through my professional practice, cityscapes are the main theme of my artworks. I explore the structure of the city; explore the construction, visual impressions, through various problems in the city.” Milosevic’s works are filled with the idiosyncratic moods of an urban landscape. Her choice of color accentuates the choices made to create such dynamic spaces.

Ivana Milosevic continues both practices in art and architecture and holds workshops internationally.