Ivana Milosevic

Serbian artist Ivana Milosevic graduated from Belgrade University in 1988 with a Master’s degree in Architecture. Since 2000 she has been a practicing architect in the Municipality of Trstenik, specializing in urban design and city planning. As a deputy Mayor of Trstenik, Ivana transformed the city into a modern and contemporary living environment.

Since starting to paint in 2010, Ivana has exhibited her artworks in numerous group and solo shows in Serbia and internationally. She creates her multi-layered and captivating artworks with a palette knife and brushes, giving them depth and texture.

She adds soothing silhouettes of people to the city's structures in order to emphasize a meaning of perspective, flow of time and speed of life. By combining architecture and urbanism with figures and crowds, Ivana strives to make the viewer feel in the present moment and not in the past.