Ilan Leas

Ilan Leas devoted his time after graduating from university to building a successful modeling career with Ford Models. During his down-time, he began drawing again and reignited his passion for visual arts. At the heart of his practice is experimentation and overcoming the feeling of failure. Though he began with pen and ink drawings, he has evolved to exploring other media such as painting on unconventional surfaces. He uses graffiti-like strokes and harsh angles to create the organized chaos of each drawing.

Leas’s current work relies on his subconscious and he does not plan any of his drawings beforehand. He allows the lines to flow freely to create a dynamic space. He considers his technique “patternmaking without a pattern.” In 2016 he was commissioned to create artwork for the Coachella Valley Music Festival’s project “TRASHed” by Global Inheritance in which artists were to paint 65-gallon recycling bins scattered throughout the festival grounds. Leas has also created custom artwork for Sweetgreen’s NYC and Chicago locations.