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Our team draws on broad industry experience and networks to find artworks that will connect with our clients. We rely on one another's expertise to achieve exhibiting a complex selection of art at high standards. For over a decade we have expanded our art gallery on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles and continue to grow with our artists. We approach every artwork selection thoughtfully and want people to be inspired by the art we show in our gallery.

Claudia Deutsch

Claudia Deutsch is the owner of Artspace Warehouse. With decades of experience in the contemporary art market, Claudia aims to expand full price transparency in the art market and make high-quality contemporary art accessible for everyone.

Languages: German, English

Yvonne Muñoz
Gallery Director

As Gallery Director and our leading Project Consultant, Yvonne Muñoz handles all custom requests and acts as a liaison between clients and artists. Yvonne is the go-to consultant to help you find artworks you will love.

Languages: English, Spanish

Valerie Deutsch
Head Curator

As Head Curator at Artspace Warehouse, Valerie Deutsch promotes a diverse global range of artists that push the boundaries of contemporary art. Valerie also handles our international art fairs and social media marketing.

Languages: German, English

Amanda Ikin
Inventory Manager and Sales Associate

Art Sales and Gallery Inventory Manager Amanda Ikin oversees the art inventory. She acts as a liaison between artists and the gallery, ensuring a high quality of art and accuracy of descriptions is maintained.

Languages: English

Timothy Gibbons
Art Advisor, Exhibition Curator, and Sales Associate

Art Advisor, Exhibition Curator, and Sales Associate Timothy Gibbons curates the monthly exhibitions and is an expert in coordinating the art display in the gallery. He finds artworks that perfectly fit our client's requests and brings their vision to life.

Languages: English

Monique Lozano
Graphic Design and Photo Editor

Without Monique, our artists would not have the online representation that they do. Monique has an expert eye for accurately representing the work of our talented artists.

Languages: English, Spanish

Lucie Forstenzer
Art Inventory and Sales Associate

Art Inventory and Sales Associate Lucie Forstenzer ensures open communication with the artists so she can meet collectors' expectations of finding inspiring artworks for their specific surroundings.

Languages: English

Galyna Kushnir
Accounting Manager

Galyna is responsible for the accounting for Artspace Warehouse. An expert in finance and numbers, she makes sure all of the artists are paid and our clients are happy. She keeps an optimistic point of view when solving any challenge.

Languages: Russian, English

Frank Lira
Art Handler and Installer

Art Handler and Installer Frank Lira ensures exhibition setups and breakdowns are handled with expertise. As a member of the shipping department and operations, his work involves all aspects of art handling, including unpacking, photographing, packing, delivering, and installing art.

Languages: English