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Acrylic on Canvas


31 x 23 in
79 x 58 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Born in Sumedang, West Java, in 1980, Dani King Heriyanto embarked on an artistic journey that has evolved into a captivating exploration of vibrant visions and creative expressions. After graduating from the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta in 2008, Heriyanto earned his degree in Fine Arts, setting the foundation for his artistic career.

Currently based in Yogyakarta, a vibrant hub of Indonesian art and culture, Heriyanto has devoted himself to a full-time career as a painter, immersing himself in the dynamic world of artistic creation. His philosophy revolves around the idea that the creative process is essential for artists, emphasizing the importance of adaptation to avoid artistic stagnation.

This richly colored 31-inch tall by 23-inch wide bold artwork is on canvas. This artwork ventures into the realm of childhood desires, painting a world adorned with joy, excitement, and fantasies. The artist signs it on the front and back of the artwork. Free local Los Angeles area delivery is included. Affordable Continental U.S. and worldwide shipping is available. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

In reflecting on the universal experience of childhood, Heriyanto highlights the profound impact of the freedom to dream on shaping individual identities. Even in the present, he believes in the enduring power of dreams to inspire the creation of a better, more beautiful, colorful, and ideal future for both current and forthcoming generations.

Dani King Heriyanto's work not only encapsulates the essence of his artistic evolution but also extends an invitation to viewers to embark on a journey of imagination, nostalgia, and the limitless possibilities of the creative spirit.


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Dani King Heriyanto

Dani King Heriyanto

Graduating from the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, Dani King Heriyanto embarked on a dedicated career as a full-time artist in 2008. His vibrant and life-affirming artworks seamlessly blend pop-art motifs, nostalgia, power, hope, and profound explorations of the mental psyche. In these original paintings, Heriyanto orchestrates a celebration of the human spirit, tapping into the innocence and unbridled joy inherent in a child's desires.

His story-driven paintings emphasize the freedom to dream. Through his art, he underlines the formative influence of these dreams on individuals as they navigate the intricate journey into adulthood. Acting as a visual diary, his paintings chronicle the evolution of dreams and desires, shaping the unique narratives that ultimately define each person's identity. His art serves as a profound testament to the enduring ability to dream, inspiring not only a more beautiful and colorful future for individuals but also leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

His original works have been exhibited in galleries and public spaces throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA, inlcuding solo shows in Singapore and London.

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