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Sky Holes


Mixed Media, Acrylic on Wood


16 x 16 in
41 x 41 cm


Artspace Warehouse LA (Upon Request)


This 16 inch square original mixed media artwork by Rebecca Klundt is a assemblage of found wood finished with layers of acrylic paint, resulting in a geometric abstraction. It is mounted on wood panel, wired, and ready to hang. The sides of the artwork reveal the natural color and shape of the found wood the artist used to create this artwork. It does not require framing. It is signed by the artist on the back of the painting. Convenient local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable US and worldwide shipping. A certificate of authenticity issued by Artspace Warehouse is included. .

Her art is a product of 3 characteristics of her personality that drive her. First is her desire to use the unusable. About this she says, "when you are driven to create, you begin to see things around you in a different light. I have been impressed with the idea that everything, literally everything around us, including our own bodies, came up out of the earth. We have mined and continue to mine the earth and use its resources, which once we are done with them are left to be taken back by the earth. I am interested in mining the mined. There are piles of transformed earth everywhere. They have been altered by men and are a record of man's ability to transform. These are my palette which I collect, break down and then rebuild, combining colors and textures in new ways. There is something very satisfying in the creative challenge of using the unusable."


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Rebecca Klundt

Rebecca Klundt

Rebecca Klundt's mixed media artworks are an assemblage of found wood, finished with layers of acrylic paint, resulting in geometric abstractions.
Rebecca Klundt is a happy native of Salt Lake City. She graduated with a BFA from Brigham Young University in August 2014.

Her desire to use the unusable is a constant theme in her works. She is interested in mining the mined. She collects wood, breaks it down and then rebuilds, combining colors and textures in new ways. There is something very satisfying in the creative challenge of using the unusable and clean it up as well as reorganize it. She gives the wood new life, a new gravity. She loves to work two dimensional because once she has compacted a pile, she can then hang it on a wall where it only requires minimal space.
She also has a deep passion for beautiful lines and especially those that happen naturally. She loves the cracks and fissures in the slick rock mountains of Utah and tries to imitate them in her art.

Her artworks have been exhibited in Utah and California and have been collected throughout the USA.

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